Saturday, February 21, 2009

This is my first college basketball post.

I gamble somewhat heavily. I say somewhat because I tend to start an account with 25 or 30 bucks in it and see what I can do. So, if I lose 37 bets in a row I might only be down 100 or 200 bucks. I don't know anything else someone else can do that they enjoy for a small amount of money that could end up costing them nothing. In a good scenario I had fun and made a little money. In a bad scenario I lost a couple hundred bucks over a few month time period. Thats a bar tab for anyone who enjoys the occasional club. Yet when you go out to a club and spend 200 bucks, you don't say I lost 200 bucks last night. Moving on.

There's a few afternoon games that I like.
First off, I quantify teams in a few different ways.
1. Explosive
2. Scrappy
3b.explosively -clean
3c. explosively-sloppy
6.fucking blow

These definitions are definitely not static. They can and do change throughout the year. They're are also different degrees of each team characteristic.

Anyway, I put a 3 team parlay on these
Buffalo @ vermont(-5.5)-scrappy vs explosively-scrappy
When two teams play scrappy just take the bigger/faster team. Buffalo wins both of those arguments. I'll take the doggy
marquette @ gtown(-3) -clean vs. scrappy
Its very hard to win on the road as a clean kind of team. Energy from home teams produces spurts. Takin the fav.
virginia @ nc state(-8)- clean vs. sloppy
Virginia plays a clean game but they also suck. Being that its hard to win when you suck and its also hard to win on the road as a clean team I really like NC State. Taking the fav.


I fully expect to be blogging to myself. I am interested in all kinds of markets. The stock market is my number 1 passion. In a close 2nd is anything market related where there is a lot of information to be dissected. These markets mostly include gambling and sports drafts. Though I have recently been turned on to the market of record collecting(the vinyl kind). I have been known to have extreme success in markets but I have never been able to turn my "knowledge" into anything sustainable. This blog is being kept to further my attempt at that goal.